Before Boost

Case Study - Boost Outsourcing Solutions

  • Ecostar insulation had invested a lot of in equipment and machines.
  • The digital marketing was robust and big money were being spent.
  • But his investment and marketing expenses were not yielding the maximum profit.


  • There was no staff except the owner to pick up the calls, deal with the customers, take follow up calls…etc.
  • That lead to many lost opportunities and profit.

After Boost

Case Study - Boost Outsourcing Solutions

  • We put administrative processes in place. Such as we setup an online administrative system so every client/project information is kept in order and easily accessible.
  • We started with just 1 employee who was trained to deal with the customers in a professional way and even be able to provide technical information over the phone.
  • After a while we were able to do the bookkeeping, inventory, manage on-site technicians and take more difficult tasks on.
  • The customers love to stay updated. Therefore, we maintain a consistent communication with the clients. E.g. They get informed when the job is booked, when the technicians are about to arrive, when the job is about to finish…etc.
  • And when they have a question, there is always someone to listen to them.
  • After all, we are trying to solve them a problem and help them
    get a great solution/service.
  • Practically we are able to handle all the office tasks that Ecostar
    needs, the only thing we cannot do is to go and insulate the