Who we are?    


We are Boost Outsourcing Solutions, located in Albania, Europe and we are devoted to helping the Businesses in North America to expand their capacity and increase their productivity. That make us committed to become part of their way to success. To achieve that, we strive for high quality outsourcing services at affordable prices. We boost your potential for greater achievements.

We integrate our services based on your specific needs and goals. That means we will engage employees who fit your requirements and can absorb quickly the peculiarities of certain positions. Every service requested is tailored and adapted to your particular requirements. Our departments can cover many aspects of your business such as:

  • Administrative Assistants,
  • Receptionists,
  • Bookkeepers,
  • Interior Design Services…etc.

The array of the services provided are well-structured to seamlessly become part of your operations’ workflow.


The formula is simple: skillful and talented employees under the right management help your company to boost its productivity and cut costs down. We boost your business by providing High-Standard-Services while decreasing your expenses. So, you can do more with less. As we like facts, we are going to give you some testimonials on how our existing *partners benefit from our services to empower their businesses. *we call our clients, partners because we work together as a team for a common goal.